Review Policy

Related image Book publicists, authors, publishers, and agents, I would love to review your book on my blog and thank you for considering Life Within The Pages.

Related image Format of book: If possible, hard copies of books would be preferable. Any ARC books sent, I will do my best to review A.S.A.P.

Related image Genres I read often are: Young Adult, General Fiction, Children’s books, New Adult, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fantasy & Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Science Fiction, and Mystery.

Related image Reviews will be found here as well as on Amazon and Goodreads. All reviews on Life Within The Pages will show book information such as author, genre, format, year, release date, publisher, and pages.

Related image Sorry, I am not reviewing indie or self published books at the moment.

Related image I will only be replying to requests that fit with everything mentioned above OR if it is a book I am very interested in reviewing.

Related image My Ratings¬†>>> 5 Books Stacks- LOVED IT! Would read over and over again 4- LIKED IT A LOT! Will pick up several more times and only have minor issues with it 3- WAS GOOD liked it enough to re-read every now and again 2- OK not that interested, took me long time to get through it but will probably give it another try ¬†1- NOT INTO IT AT ALL! Too many flaws for me, not interesting to me whatsoever, would not re-read again. –1/2 book stacks will also be used when I feel they’re needed.

Related image I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to read my review policy and hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you,