A Very Busy July

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This was a month of surprises for me (well hubby and kiddos included lol). We had two visits from family that was much needed (as most of them live in Texas or neighboring states) and were very happy to find …

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Weekend to Remember

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This past week getting everything set for my brother’s visit was a very busy one. Aside from getting everything in the house ready for guests, it was also the kids getting really excited over it and planning some things to …

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Why I Started Blogging

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This is one of those things that I have talked about with anyone that knows me outside of social media, but I have yet to speak or write about it here or elsewhere online. There are several reasons as to …

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Book Marathons

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This past weekend (including Monday & part of Tuesday) I felt as if I was part of a book marathon lol. No, it wasn’t bad at all because I haven’t felt like that in a while. I do pick up …

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Weekend Overload

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Yes, weekend overloads exist lol. The kids last official day of school was Thursday afternoon and I thought ok early weekend, then I heard from my brother (which we haven’t seen in mths) and he’s telling me, hey surprise we’re …

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