Hitting Pause After the Holidays

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So, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Well, a little more than a few weeks lol. There was so much going on during the holidays and I was thinking…. Hey, I can make this work even with my ongoing slump feels. But, yeah no, it didn’t work out that way. You know, sometimes life just takes over and there’s nothing much you can do but let it ride. So, that’s exactly what I did, even though it did take longer than I was expecting it to.

All my reads took a backseat, and I had to re-evaluate what it was I wanted my blog to include and what I was doing with it. I had been lacking lately on posts, aside from reviews, and that had to do with everything going on in my daily life. I wasn’t managing my time as it needed to be, to continue to have my blog up, and keep up with work and wifey/mommy life. While I did read here and there, it was basically all I was inserting onto here and I knew that’s not how I wanted it to be.

I can’t say it’ll be back up to how it was when I was just beginning, but I’ll try my best to add more posts like these. I’m in no rush to let go of blogging or the experience that I’ve had so far because of it. I’m taking my time and just taking things on here one day at a time, not stressing about the little things. It’s not that I’m uncaring over my page, because it’s the complete opposite, I just need it to still be fun and what I was hoping it would be when I first decided to start Life Within The Pages.

For now, I want to offer an apology to my followers and everyone who’s taken the time to stop by and check up on the blog. I know, that due to how things have been, there hasn’t been one post or update in the past few weeks. As I mentioned above, I will be starting to come back on here and add more content as I start reading more again and finding my balance with everything. I’m definitely looking forward to it as I’ve just completed a year of blogging life, last week, and see no end in sight.


  1. Lampshade Reader

    January 26, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    I had a slump recently. Actually, I didn’t feel like reading or doing anything blog related. I think it’s because I just needed a break. It’s always good to take one. So, I totally understand how you feel.

    1. Jen

      February 3, 2018 at 10:49 am

      Thank you, and yes… it’s been a little overwhelming, to say the least. I love having my blog and being able to share with other fellow book lovers, but it’s very true, sometimes we just need to step away for a little. I’m taking my time getting back to all of it… I’m still in the mindset of continuing on :).


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