Sunday Post #13: Thanksgiving, Food, & Lots of Lazing Around

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It’s been a few crazy, busy, weeks. It’s definitely taken a bit of a toll on my blogging life, which has also messed with my book reading time (well, just a little lol). So, when I found out that I was having a four-day weekend, I knew exactly what I was doing… reading tons of books of course 😜. I also had plenty of time to color, watch a few movies I’ve been wanting to see, can’t forget K-Dramas, and have some quality time with my family (which was much needed).

We didn’t have a conventional Thanksgiving meal, as this was one of the first without the rest of our family members (Texas will have to wait). It was more like a short version of it, with a couple of new dishes to make it more into a movie kind of night. The hubby was all for it since he just wanted to chill with movies as well, and the kids were good as long as it included some turkey and mac and cheese. Even though we missed everyone back home, we were thankful for this time we had together and made the most of it.

Along with all of that, came plenty of resting time away from work and the outside world. We opted out of Black Friday kind of things, had tons of goodies to keep us sane (including video games, mags, and of course everything mentioned above), and made sure to enjoy and appreciate this time (kids and hubs had the same time off). It did pass by a little quicker than we would have liked, but it didn’t stop that from being one of the best so far. 

Last Week On The Blog

*It’s a little empty on here, sorry to all my followers/visitors. Will be trying my best to post more often and get those pending ones up as well. 

Image result for books gif The Real McCoys by Matthew Swanson & Robbi Behr (Blog Tour/Review + Giveaway)

This Week On The Blog

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What I’m Watching

         Image result for thor ragnarok Image result for american assassin Image result for korean drama the package Related image Image result for geostorm

There were a lot of movies involved in this extended weekend and they didn’t disappoint (well, mostly). I’ve been waiting way too long for Thor:Ragnarok and I have to say all of us L💕ved it! The new Thor, plus Loki, already make it worth the watch, but then add everything else that’s in this one with Hulk and the humor and you get the best one yet. Then there was American Assassin that I really wanted to like, but found it didn’t really do much but disappoint. I made sure to get in the last few eps of The Package that I still needed and I couldn’t help but let the tears commence. Logan Lucky was one of those that surprised me, didn’t think I’d really care for it, but it was a pretty decent film. Last, but not least was Geostorm with Gerard Butler, was hoping for a lot more with that one, but have to say I still enjoyed it. Leaving you guys with a clip from Thor: Ragnarok 😍.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that the movie scene above filled you with a good amount of laughter! Many thanks for stopping by and congrats to the winners of my last giveaways (more to come soon)!

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