Sunday Post #9: Lazy Days & Korean Dramas

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I had a very uneventful week these past couple of days. I think after some time, it was much needed. I’ve had a good amount of things going on lately with my family here and in Texas (physically and mentally) so I just needed a few chill days. After Monday passed, I just knew this was going to be the week that I closed myself off to the world (well, mostly because I did have to go into town and other things).

There was a good amount of catching up with Korean Dramas. I find that a good dose of K-Dramas helps my mind just have happy feels for days, especially since they are mostly short dramas and I can start a whole new one right away. I haven’t been able to do that in awhile, but this week it really helped things along. There were also a few movies I watched that were perfect for this month (one that I will NOT watch again lol… spooks for days).

Along with all those feels and tv/movie watching, I decided that I was going to do some more spring cleaning in the fall (don’t know what I was thinking). Much of that was rearranging things in the house, getting rid of several things that weren’t needed anymore, and of course the task I took on today of moving all my books around on my bookshelves. Yup, I’m still dealing with that right now and don’t doubt I will be for a few days.

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What I’m Watching

      Related image Image result for korean drama pinocchio Image result for feast of the gods korean drama Image result for annabelle creation Image result for escape room movie

Spellbound is a Korean movie that had many funny and spooky moments, along with a nice romance to round it all out. Then I watched Pinocchio, which I still have haven’t finished yet, but it’s a pretty good drama so far. Feast of the Gods was filled with tons of good food moments and a really cute love story (well two, one which I feel shouldn’t have been added as it just made things a little confusing). I also watched Annabelle Creation, which just freaked me out even more and made me wonder why I even put myself through it (yeah I’m still wondering since I’m really bad with dolls). Last, but not least, Escape Room because I just needed to scare myself more (no, no I didn’t lol). I mainly watched it because it had Skeet Ulrich in it, but doubt I’ll be watching it again. Even with all that, I’m leaving you with a little bit of a lighter scene rather than a scary one because I can’t be mean like that 😜.

Hope you guys have a great week, filled with tons of treats rather than tricks! Happy days and Happy reading!


  1. Lily M.

    October 8, 2017 at 10:59 pm

    I was just about to say that I just finished watching Pinocchio when I saw that you’re watching it that’s such a cool funny coincidence, I also just finished watching the Strongest Deliveryman, they were both cute dramas. Now I have to go find something new to watch. There’s just so many to choose from, but I usually go with the rom-comes

    1. Jen

      October 11, 2017 at 12:10 am

      I’m really loving Pinocchio, it just gets better and better! I also saw that Strongest Deliverymen is up on Drama Fever, but haven’t started it… might just do that after Pinocchio. And, definitely many to pick from, love having all those choices… I’m obsessed lol <3

  2. Karen Jo Q Custodio

    October 9, 2017 at 1:14 am

    I just finished organizing my bookshelves today =). I had to put 42 books that I got from Pasadena Loves YA. It was a challenge and I had to do some crazy tetris arrangement, but I managed to fit most of them lol… I still don’t like the way it looks so I’m probably going to redo it some time soon. LOL

    1. Jen

      October 11, 2017 at 12:19 am

      Wow! I’ve never tried doing one of those challenges, but it sounds like a fun one to try out. I might not be the best at it though, thinking it would drive me a little crazy with it lol


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