Sunday Post #5: Spring Cleaning in Fall & Busy Days Ahead

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Had a super busy week as the kids started classes on Monday and then like always I feel like the only parent who doesn’t get everything each child needs in school supplies (probably not the only one, but you know it feels that way). So there I was dropping them off, checking out their classes because I chose not to go to Open House this time around (definitely not the best idea, am I alone on this?), and I see that every one has double supplies for their kids in Kinder. I left some out I had seen, but forgotten while buying things last minute, several i didn’t see 2 of marked on it (which I didn’t do with my 3rd and 4th grader, it def happens).

So yeah, that was only part of Monday and the rest was just as busy. I decided to do some spring cleaning right this week as I felt like I needed a little bit of a change, you know summer ending and a new beautiful fall starting deserves a whole different beginning. What was I thinking doing it the first week of school? I have no idea, it could have possibly waited until a little while later, but once I start with it I can’t stop. That took up a good portion of my week, aside from getting out to get a few more things I needed for the kids and trying to get some other things in life a little more organized.

It took so much from me this week, I ended up neglecting my posts/books a little, along with my local library so there were few posts up (two to be exact). This coming up week feels like it’s going to be just as busy, but that is why I’m working on a few posts in advance and getting some reading done right now on the weekend (I needed it), along with a little bit of coloring because it’s completely relaxing. It did help though getting some great book mail on Friday and Saturday, it always seems to make things feel like Christmas has come early and undoubtedly makes everything else seem less of a pain lol. 

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What I’m Watching

                        Related image Image result for pirates of the caribbean dead men tell no tales Image result for fun mom dinnerImage result for class bbc show 

There wasn’t a lot I caught up with these week, but I did get in a few eps of Zoo. I had seen S1 & 2 and knew that 3 was going to be a little different so hadn’t been wanting to watch for the longest time. I’d rather start watching the season when I know all the eps are almost up. The new Pirates of the Caribbean was my hubby and kids pic, usually doesn’t work for me as I’m not a big fan but actually liked this one. I had also put off watching Fun Mom Dinner as I thought it was going to be a Bad Mom wanna be movie (def funny, but Bad Mom’s was my fave). Lastly, Class… yeah, so I know this show was just cancelled after only one season, but hearing that it was a spinoff of Doctor Who I just had to watch it. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t the best, but it had potential and maybe I shouldn’t have watched it since now I wish there were going to be a S2, might have been even better. Oh well, but back to Fun Mom Dinner here’s a scene from their fun night out… Karaoke included (cheesy I know, but too cute).

Hope everyone’s week was good, and if it was just as busy hope you’ve been able to enjoy this weekend with a little bit of chill time! Thanks for stopping by and see you on the blog!

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