Bad Girl Gone

This is one of those novels that I had been wanting to read for awhile, as it involved the supernatural and sounded like it was going to be a spooky read. There were definitely several of those moments, but many others that were a bit lacking.

Before I get into any more of my review on Bad Girl Gone, you can go here to check out the synopsis and an excerpt from the book. As for my rating for this novel…

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I really enjoyed several parts of this novel and the start of it was very creepy, I mean a girl who wakes up one day and finds out she’s been orphaned, then her own family drives right through her on the road. This has so many qualities that I love in books, especially the paranormal and a good amount of mystery.

Echo lead this story off by trying to find out what exactly happened to her, there enters Cole who wants to do everything he can to help her find out the truth to her existence and what it means to be part of Middle House. Even though I loved Cole’s character and the friendship he created with Echo, I wasn’t fond of how it quickly shifted to him feeling strongly for her having just met, or the fact that she is supposedly madly in love with her boyfriend whom she left behind.

I did really like how the characters connected with each other in the house, becoming a family that Echo never thought she would come to appreciate and resonate with. It was interesting how the author put these “orphaned” kids together and added abilities to each of them (a special gift left with them after departing from the living world). There story was a nice little of twist, leaving a different take on resolving unfinished business.

As for the mystery part of it, the setup was very eye catching and made me get invested in the story right away. The more I read though, I didn’t feel it quite lived up to what as I was expecting as some of it seemed to move in too quick of a pace and not enough of a build up on the other characters involved. That’s where I found myself a little pulled in both directions as there were parts that didn’t do much for the story, but many that helped keep the mystique of it all.

Much of what had me loving this novel, not including part of the main mystery, were all the other members of Middle House. They all have their own stories to tell and mysteries to solve, and the most spookiest and jaded of them all is their caretaker, mother to them all. I would have liked to glimpse even more into these characters lives, before their demise, and a little more into the history of the house and those who have passed through it. With the good and the bad, Bad Girl Gone was still an entertaining and quick read.

***I received this copy from Thomas Dunne Book/St. Martin’s Griffin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***


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