A Very Busy July

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This was a month of surprises for me (well hubby and kiddos included lol). We had two visits from family that was much needed (as most of them live in Texas or neighboring states) and were very happy to find out when my brother let us know he would be visiting, along with my inlaws. We had a very busy few weeks getting things ready for their visits.

Of course, it came with stresses that every visit tends to have, making sure everything is set up for visitors, getting other things done before they arrive, planning things to do while they are here, and it could possibly just be that I’m a little bit of a planning freak and don’t always like surprises (wasn’t always like that, but sometimes I just can’t help it).

What I learned also from this experience (being the first time having a blog) is that the unexpected certainly happens when there are visitors in town… blogging life takes a standstill. I had seen other bloggers having posts ready to go when they went on vacation or had visitors and here I was thinking I didn’t need to worry about that. Yup, I was completely wrong.

Not only did I not have enough time to work on posts while they were here, but I was busy for days between there visits as it was only a week and a half apart from each others. That left me feeling a bit overwhelmed, it also didn’t leave a lot of room for reading (but definitely still made time for a few). With all of that I learned that planning ahead with the blogging part of my life is definitely something I should take care of several days beforehand, especially as things change at the last minute.

I’m glad for the visits, even more so having the little ones getting to see them, but I’m also looking forward to getting back on track with my blogging because I was absolutely having withdrawals lol. Well not too many withdrawals because I picked up several books along the way while they were here. I had told myself I wasn’t going to be buying that many books this month and of course I couldn’t keep to that. Here’s to more reading and blogging <3.

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