Weekend to Remember

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This past week getting everything set for my brother’s visit was a very busy one. Aside from getting everything in the house ready for guests, it was also the kids getting really excited over it and planning some things to do this weekend (which never works out that way lol). Along with that, trying to have some fun things for my birthday boy while his favorite uncle is here.

We’ve all been having a pretty good weekend so far which started early on Fri and going into the rest of today and parts of tomorrow. It’s always nice when he visits as most of our family lives in Texas and a few in neighboring states. My kids have been having so much fun, seeing as every night since their uncle arrived we’ve been having fireworks. Think that would do it for them lol.

It’s crazy how we can cram so much into one day when you only have about 3 1/2 days with visitors (even more with family we might not see for another good while). Especially when it’s a holiday AND a ┬ábirthday weekend. It’s been a lot of fun with movies, festivals, fireworks, and then there is today and me needing a little break, so kids have gone to the Wildlife Habitat for an afternoon with their uncle.

There is the not so good part of it, with my hubby having to work the overnight shift tonight, the night of our bigger firework show. Of course we’re going to save some of those for tomorrow night when he has off, but we will be popping half of those tonight since my brother takes off tomorrow afternoon. I’m not looking forward to when he takes off and my birthday boy will definitely be feeling it more (only thing I hate about living so far away, family not near us).

With all of that going on, it hasn’t been filled with much reading, I just haven’t found the time to be able to sit down with a good book during all these days and might not until a good ways into the week. For now I am making sure to enjoy this time and the rest of the evening. I’ll have my books waiting while this 4th of July is being enjoyed and memories are being made. I hope everyone out there is having a great weekend as well and enjoying every second of it.


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