Why I Started Blogging

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This is one of those things that I have talked about with anyone that knows me outside of social media, but I have yet to speak or write about it here or elsewhere online. There are several reasons as to why I first decided that maybe a book blog would be something that would be very beneficial for me and the main reason is that it gave me something to do that was all my own outside of family life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, my hubby and especially our little ones, but even then as an adult we all need an outlet that we can call all our own and a book blog felt like just the right fit for me. What sold me even more on it was that I already read tons of books on my spare time and couldn’t get enough of them, especially when I love a certain novel and every single thing it’s about.

My husband is not much of a reader, and even though we enjoy other same interests and my kids love books as much as I do, they are not really as book crazed as I feel once I’m done with a great novel lol. I could just go off about how much I love a certain book, how it made me think about its content, or all the feels that it filled me with. And that is more than fine with me, but I still wanted another person to get me and go just as crazy in love with them as I do.

At first, I joined a book club and it was the best thing I could have possibly done. Seeing as before we moved to Wisconsin, I had never really found a group like that in the area we used to live in Texas. But, sadly, we moved a little distance away from where the book club gets held and ended up being too far of a distance for me to travel just to head into town for that (about an hour drive each way). So what then? That is when I found Booktube and it was not even because I was searching for it, more of an accidental stumbling upon.

I’m in such a small town right now that there isn’t much of a place to hang out with anyone else and talk about books, except possibly the local library, which in itself is a small area as well. Even then, almost everyone I know is back in Texas. So, when I was searching books online and groups in the area, I saw certain content showing up for YouTube videos of members talking about their love of books and many titles relating to bookish items. I knew right away that not only was that something that fueled my love for books even more, but something I was possibly interested in doing.

I realized that I didn’t want to start a vlog or anything pertaining to book discussions in video format, and saw certain videos of other book lovers and vloggers that had a blog along with their YouTube channel and that clicked for me right away. Even though I know it’s not a new thing out there, it was all new to me. Not that I wasn’t aware of that platform being available, but I had never thought about being able to have a blog solely about my book love and my life around it. After searching related topics on it and how to best go about starting one, I was able to start my own.

Not only has it aided in my love for books, but I’ve found a great book community by doing so. Having a blog/vlog is not for everyone, and you definitely don’t have to start one to be able to be part of this community, but for me it was the best thing I could have done. Having my blog has also giving me a new outlook on the world of books and everything that it’s about. I’m happy to be able to take part in this diverse community, knowing that there are so many more out there who love books as much as I do. It all makes this blogging experience a thousand times better.

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