Book Marathons

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This past weekend (including Monday & part of Tuesday) I felt as if I was part of a book marathon lol. No, it wasn’t bad at all because I haven’t felt like that in a while. I do pick up a book like every other day and sometimes I take a few days on one read, but this weekend I seemed to have been flying through several of them.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that I had taken a break from reading too many books at once, or the selection of books I had on hand, but I felt like I could read every book on my shelf AND Kindle (not that I did, it would be insane to try). Either way, I read through about four of them and started two more.

When I first started with my blog I had been reading many books like I did this past weekend, but saw and felt that I was beginning to drag a little with it and having feels of placing books down for some time. Believe me, that is not something I would ever want to do because I can literally be found with a book on me or in my vehicle anywhere I go. So, I didn’t do just that, instead I found what worked best for me.

I make sure to find the right time to pick up my next read and give myself plenty of time beforehand if it is a novel that will be released soon. If I get the feels along the way that I can read as many books as possible, then I take full advantage of it and read as much as I am able to without getting worn out from it. Of course, I am taken through several emotions in one day or two, but that’s the fun part of the read, more than fine with me as long as I’m able to do it and have the extra time for it.

The best thing I learned was to not stress myself out over reading choices and to enjoy the time I have chosen to read. When those book marathons take over, I know my mind is refreshed and ready to take on several new adventures. They don’t happen too often, so when it does I will definitely be doing just that.

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