Wicked Wonders

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Author: Ellen Klages
Genre: Short Stories, Fantasy, Fiction
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tachyon Publications
Release Date: May 16, 2017
Pages: 284

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Goodreads Synopsis: Inside of these critically-acclaimed tales are memorable characters who are smart, subversive, and singular. A rebellious child identifies with wicked Maleficent instead of Sleeping Beauty. Best friends Anna and Corry share a last melancholy morning before emigration to another planet. A prep-school girl requires more than mere luck to win at dice with a faerie. Ladies who lunch keeping dividing that one last bite of dessert in the paradox of female politeness.Whether on a habitat on Mars or in a boardinghouse in London, discover Ellen Klages’ wicked, wondrous adventures full of brazenness, wit, empathy, and courage.


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My Review

Wicked Wonders had many quirky reads, some that didn’t end as I had hoped (wishing they had more story to them), others that made me think of life and everything around us, a few with life lesson moments. It had a variety of short stories that didn’t disappoint and many that left me scratching my head.

The first story that was in this collection was a little creepy. I know many will say not really, it’s just a story about a little girl who connects more with Maleficent instead of Sleeping Beauty and a little misunderstood, but I was left thinking… What is she going to do to her mom and others if she’s not imagining the power that’s coming out of her? She’s this cute little thing who sees things in a flipped manner, but in her eyes things and people really are against her or what she chooses to have by her side. And I am left wanting more of it, to find out what becomes of her, and if anything is at is seems with her newfound ability.

Of course, after that first short story I had to keep reading and even when there were a few that I didn’t really care for as much, how they were written just kept me attached and wanting more of those characters and different settings that filled these pages. Including that of a scary ham that a father had hanging in his basement for almost twenty years catching mold and scaring off possible suitors and many others. I was waiting for a creepy conclusion to it or something out of the ordinary, but all I got was a little bit of a misleading story, or maybe that’s exactly the point.

Then there are those like the story of Jo and Aurora (or Rory as she likes to be called), that give the reader tons of feels. A story about a woman who returns back to her father’s house (the penny arcade he owned) after he’s gone and the end of the carnival is inevitable along with the tree she held many fond memories with. Here enters Rory who brings a smile to Jo’s face, even when everything about this person is curious and bizarre. And it’s way too short lived for the both of them, but a beautiful closing for a beautiful start.

Wicked Wonders had tons more stories like it and some not so gloomy, a few thoughtful ones, or like the story of Natto who went in search of a pearl that only brought him embarrassing moments and fears of dying (which yes many would say he deserved) just to turn around and really be about a whole different thing between the characters Sponda and Anna who are doing everything to hide a discovery that changes things in a big way.

This novel was unique and full of fun short stories that held my attention all the way through. I was very surprised by it and didn’t know how much I would come to enjoy the collection presented within its pages. I found this book while searching on NetGalley and was very happy that I was given the chance to review it because it was completely worth the read.

***I received this copy from Tachyon Publications via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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