Most Anticipated Reads: June

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Last month’s picks were too hard to make, with so many wants coming out how could I possibly do that. I could have if I really put my mind to it, but I chose not to because May was filled with tons of great choices I just couldn’t narrow the list down. But, I will be trying from now on to do that because I can’t possibly read every book coming out.

So, even though it was no easy feat, and there are many books I would like to read, I was able to narrow my list down to my top five for this month…

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Roar caught my attention right away, especially hearing that it included controlling magical storms. Storms are something that has always fascinated me and when it adds magic to the mix, it adds an even more intriguing element to them. I liked also that the main character, Aurora, will defy all norms to secure a position as Queen by risking it all to gain the powerful ability of being a Stormling.

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The Silent Corner involves a strong female character that has lost her husband to what looks like suicide, but she soon realizes there is a lot more to it than what’s on the surface. More people have gone out the same way and none of them had reason or showed signs of ending their life. When she starts looking into it, everything gets turned upside down in Jane’s life.

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Song of the Current is another read with a strong female character that will take her on a dangerous journey across the the river with a mysterious cargo that Pirates are bent on getting their hands on. Not only did that catch my attention, but there is also a magical element with the river being the destiny she longs for and knowing that might be the only way to get the acceptance and place in life she has been wanting to be a part of all those years.

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The Little French Bistro had me at Paris. Yes, Paris was my first look into this book, but then Marianne had me wanting to read it even more. Here’s a character who, even after so many years of unhappiness and unfulfillment, finds that she can still live the life she has always wanted to. Letting the reader know it’s never too late to live your dream or dive into new adventures.

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Want reminds me a little of the movie In Time with Justin Timberlake, instead of the rich having endless number of years added to their youthful look in Want the rich have access to special suits which keeps them healthy and living, far away from all pollution and viruses’. There are many similarities and that peaked my interest even more. I want to see how they differ and if it holds its own.

I can’t wait to get into this reads and many others. For now, I have a few ahead of them so I will be keeping a lookout for each of these as they come out and reading them as I get them in.

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