Weekend Overload

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Yes, weekend overloads exist lol. The kids last official day of school was Thursday afternoon and I thought ok early weekend, then I heard from my brother (which we haven’t seen in mths) and he’s telling me, hey surprise we’re gonna go visit you tomorrow for the weekend. Of course, I’m excited and so are the kids, BUT with an unexpected visit comes some house cleaning (not that my house isn’t lol, but you know a little more doesn’t hurt) and trying to get some blog posts before they arrive.

I have a review pending for Geekerella, 2 unboxings (might be 3 depending on mail today), a book haul that is way overdo, and my top 5 picks for June. With all of that pending I definitely will be getting some of those posted even with company. I mean, staying away from my blog and books for 3 days doesn’t sound realistic lol. I am also finishing up two other smaller reads that I will be reviewing as well and have plenty of other reads after that to choose from so very happy about that.

My kids are ecstatic about this visit and were doing what they could to get the house ready this morning, but of course they’re kids so it only lasted a short time before they were back in the game room and asking me why they had to help me out, yes mommy life but gotta love it. I am letting them get away with that now that they are still my little babies before they hit the teen years and I will really be hearing it and having way different issues.

So, for now I will be doing my best to get ready for my brother’s arrival and planning out a few things to go and site see with him and his girlfriend while they are here. Only a few hours now and the weekend officially begins for us. My hubby of course is happy as well because he had the morning shift at work today and will be starting his weekend early as well. Can’t wait for our special company and like I said, my blog and books will not be far away lol. Hope everyone out there is having an awesome weekend as well and taking time to enjoy these little moments in life.

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