Weekday Life After Extended Weekend Fun

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All of today has felt a little off, well mostly because we all had a very long weekend and my sinus’ didn’t seem to want to stop acting up. I was planning on going to the library today and thought a walk to the school to pick up my kiddos and head that way would be great… yeah, it wasn’t at all lol.

But, all was not a loss, I had some great book mail arrive today so that really brightened the day AND my kids had all of their art work come home with them today which meant more deco for their room. I’m starting to wonder where we will put the new ones coming in because their wall area is almost completely covered.

A little bit back to earlier today, I decided (and I don’t know why) to watch some heart wrenching movies. Yup, Nicholas Spark movies were involved in one or two of those. I also finished up Geekerella (review coming soon) and announced the winner for my giveaway on Twitter (thank you to everyone who entered).

Hopefully, the rest of the week moves along a lot smoother and that I’m feeling tons better, thinking a little more Claritin should do the trick. I still think it’s the holiday weekend that made everything all groggy and sluggish. But, I will be making sure it doesn’t last long, it’s no fun and I have too many books to read and some more decorating to get done. Here’s to the rest of the week :).

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