Books On A Rainy Day

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There is just something so soothing and magical about reading books on a rainy day. It makes the book experience so much better and gives all the feels. It might not always be the right timing or level of want, especially when tons of thunder and lightning are included, but for me it is the best thing ever. I love all of it, it just makes the book world feel so real and sets the tone for a great reading session.

I’ve always been the type that looks forward to a change in the weather, as the clouds cover the skies, dimming everything; it feels homey and gives me an excuse (not that I need one lol) to have a cup of tea or hot chocolate to go along with my book of choice. Since I was very young, I wasn’t one to react normally to thunderstorms or winds blowing outside. I always felt it sparked my imagination more and somehow made things and the atmosphere so beautiful and alive.

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Of course, aside from all the great things mentioned above, there is also being able to sit back in my little book corner which I find any excuse to go into. The boys have their game room, I have a good sized section in my room that is set like a makeshift library area including its own couches and bean bags. Let’s not forget the awesome candles and scents to make it even better and you can call it the best use of book time on a rainy day.

The rain is always going to resonate with me as a time set aside for a good book or family time by making it a movie night, because a thunderstorm and rain at night with a good movie… what isn’t great about that? Especially if it’s the spooky kind of movie lol. I don’t wish for rain every day, but when it does, I welcome it with open arms and try to get the most out of it. Books are always my perfect way of enjoying those kind of days.

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