Comics For Days: April Haul

I found this awesome comic store close by to me called Galaxy Comics and I seem to stop by there almost every week now lol. Of course, I mostly go there on Wednesdays when all the new comics are coming out for the week and to check out any extras that might catch my attention.


Throughout April (a few at the end of Feb) I found many that I was looking forward to the minute I heard about them. The first one that I just couldn’t pass up was the mashup between Batman and the Ninja Turtles, two that are my favs and my kids’ as well. Another one was the Power Rangers and the Justice League, um yeah!

The next couple of weeks I picked up a few new ones and some older ones that were on sale. It included Guardians of the Galaxy, Angel, Captain Marvel, Suicide Squad and one that has fans with tons of mixed feels… yup you guessed it, Secret Empire. I also picked up The Dark Tower by Stephen King because I am very much interested in watching the movie, but I want to read all about the character before I do.


I am waiting to see what I receive in my May ComicBoxer subscription box before I go in and buy any new releases for this month. Not sure how it works yet, as it is my first month with them, but really looking forward to what they have to offer. I might still go tomorrow just to check out which new ones are released and maybe still take one or two home with me.


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