My Love For Comics & Graphic Novels

I have a few comics and graphic novels that have filled our bookshelves in the game room. Aside from my love for books, I have a love for comics and graphic novels. They have always been a part of my reads and it grows more and more every day. Most of them are filled with great art work, and awesome story-lines, and of course several of them with superheroes and villains.

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I pick up a few issues every other week and just a little time ago I found out that Book Outlet has many of them on their site. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them there, especially the great deals they were having on them, and all the ones I have purchased have been in great condition. What I love the most though, is walking in to my local comic shop and seeing all the new ones that have come in and their special deals that they have for their customers.

Of course, I say I’m going in there for one or two comics and come out with way more than I had planned to come out with. So, when I found a comic box subscription with tons of great choices in it, I just couldn’t pass it up. I can’t wait to get in this month’s comics from ComicBoxer and check out which ones will be waiting for us. ┬áRecently heard there’s going to be a signed copy in May’s box, so already checking my email daily for a shipping confirmation lol.

Will be posting a haul soon of comics I have been acquiring for the past month and a few new ones I purchased a few days ago from my local comic store.

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