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I have always LOVED reading, it’s something that has been with me since I can remember. Books always made me dream bigger dreams, hope for more, and believe in the unbelievable. As I got older, I realized it wasn’t just a passing thing, but something that would one day become a big part of my life, so big that I just had to start a blog.

My hubby knows my love for books and has helped tons in keeping it going. He’s not one for really sitting down with reads or participating in my growing obsession with coloring books lol, but he sees how happy it makes me and has aided in my book buying and shelf collecting. The best part, my kids are having the same love for books as I do.

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It has taken me awhile though to grow with books throughout the years and learn to read outside of my comfort zone as well. I often check out books from my local library and place holds on those that sound really good to me and my kids, but before starting my blog I didn’t really step out of the genres that I read.

I didn’t often purchase books either, but it was mainly due to not knowing about the great deals out there. It wasn’t until after I started watching Booktube and finding other book bloggers pages that I realized how much was available to book lovers.I began slowly finding posts and videos about the best ways to get books for my own little collection, because at the time I only had one small bookshelf area and one full size bookshelf in my room. It didn’t take long before I found Book Outlet and Book Depository, of course adding Amazon to the top of that list.

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As I started growing my own collection of books, I began to look into getting my own blog and what that would mean. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy or run smoothly right from the start, but I knew I had to give it a try and see how it would fit into my life. I am more than happy to say that it has been a blessing. Of course, not every single moment is great, as there are times when it can feel a little overwhelming, but for the most part it has brought out even more of my love for books.

Every day I find a new book I want to read, another suggestion I may never have looked into on my own, sites that help bring all book lovers together, new worlds and feels I didn’t know I was missing. It has been a great experience so far and I’m looking forward to continuing with this new chapter in my life. Not only has this brought on a new understanding of the book world, but it’s also helped renew my love for them and aided me in spreading that love to my family and fellow bibliophiles.

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