Glitter by Aprilynne Pike

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Author: Aprilynne Pike
Genre: Young Adult, Historical, Fantasy
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Release Date: October 25, 2016
Pages: 384

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Goodreads SynopsisOutside the palace of Versailles, it’s modern day. Inside, the people dress, eat, and act like it’s the eighteenth century—with the added bonus of technology to make court life lavish, privileged, and frivolous. The palace has every indulgence, but for one pretty young thing, it’s about to become a very beautiful prison.

When Danica witnesses an act of murder by the young king, her mother makes a cruel power play . . . blackmailing the king into making Dani his queen. When she turns eighteen, Dani will marry the most ruthless and dangerous man of the court. She has six months to escape her terrifying destiny. Six months to raise enough money to disappear into the real world beyond the palace gates.

Her ticket out? Glitter. A drug so powerful that a tiny pinch mixed into a pot of rouge or lip gloss can make the wearer hopelessly addicted. Addicted to a drug Dani can sell for more money than she ever dreamed.
But in Versailles, secrets are impossible to keep. And the most dangerous secret—falling for a drug dealer outside the palace walls—is one risk she has to take.


Jen’s Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

REVIEW: I am not one who reads many historical fictions or stories that lean a little more that way, but there was something about Glitter that made me pick up the book and give it a shot. It might have to do with that gorgeous cover, or the fact that the present time had eighteenth century lifestyles, or that the main character doesn’t go down without a fight, OR all of that mixed together.

Danica is a character I rooted for from the start, doing everything she can possible to get herself out of her current predicament. And wow what a situation she is in, all due to her mother who used a terrible murder to her advantage, causing Dani to become betrothed to King Wyndham who is the murderer and mad with power. As the story proceeded though, I had too many mixed feels about Dani. She did her best to avoid conforming to the crazy world created within the palace of Versailles, but used an extremely addictive drug to accomplish just that.

Papaveris atropa.’ He reaches into his jacket and removes a very small vial filled with what looks like finely ground silver dust. ‘That’s what the chemists call it, anyway. The newest thing in… street pharmaceuticals. So new most of the media hasn’t even gotten a sniff of it yet.”

“That’s right. Totally new. But it’s going to blow the others out of the water. A complex blend of opiates and gengineered belladonna, processed for transdermal delivery. Directly to the skin,’ he adds when I blink uncomprehendingly. ‘It induces bliss like heroin but leaves you conscious, and with most of your wits.”

I understand her character does not want to become the Queen, and for a very good reason, but she doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process or how much of that drug is spread out as long as it makes her enough money to escape her very near future. Although Dani finds a very ingenious way of keeping everything under wraps and getting more in her pockets as time passes, I still can’t wrap my head around it. To save herself, she helped aid others’ in their destruction.

The description of life within the palace and the outside world kept me very interested, as the concept was very fascinating and perfectly detailed. It was very interesting to see how the two worlds so distinct could exist in one space, and how things could be with technology added to the mix. I loved the detail to the differences in culture, and clothing, how outsiders believed those within looked like and carried themselves, and how those within could not find any association between each other. And the way it all came to be.

“Enter France, on the brink of economic disaster. France offered to sell the Palace of Versailles only when it came down to a choice between preserving its landmarks and feeding the French people because of said famine. And Sonoma needed something to do with all that profit.”

There was much to keep me going forward, even though I found some of the choices very distasteful, it still had its good qualities. I was partly immersed in their world and with how everyone lived, how it all existed even when it felt so surreal, but I just couldn’t find a footing with the other half of it. Either way, it was an inviting read and I’m glad I picked it up and took a chance with it.

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