Blame It On the K-Dramas

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This past week I have been reading a few books at once and at a slower pace than usual. I am often a quick reader, but sometimes I just have to step back from it and slow down, take my time, I am not trying to fall back into a book slump again. Luckily, the books I have been choosing to read have kept me pretty interested in continuing with the selection I have ahead of me.

Then come the distractions lol. Well, they’re mostly good ones like life, my family time, of course coloring time because yes I have that and I am not ashamed to say it. Then, there are the Korean Dramas that seem to take over… A LOT. Nothing wrong with that right? I mean, I can usually multitask and get things done quickly, but when it comes to those dramas it is really a tough situation lol. It could also be that I don’t speak Korean so I’m constantly reading the subtitles, then getting engrossed in the story, and it doesn’t help that most of them only have 16 to 20 eps.

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But, really I just use that as an excuse when I know that I need to put books down for a little. Even though I love them, sometimes they need to sit back on my shelves and wait it out. Especially, when I keep getting more books and making my TBR impossible to get all around to. I admit it, I have a book buying problem lol. Well, not so much a problem because it makes me even happier, but more like a slight obsession (can you blame me when I find such great deals on them?). Which is also okay with me. Like I said, just slowing it down a bit.

A little back to my other obsession, K-Dramas (yup, smiling right about now). If you’re looking for a few good K-Dramas, you might want to check out: Radiant Office, full of funny moments, sad ones, and lovey dovey feels; Lovely Love Lie (The Liar and His Lover) too cute vibes with music involved and of course another lovey dovey story; Uncontrollably Fond (Lightly, Ardently) it’s a heartbreaking drama but also full of joyful moments along with a love story that makes it that much more memorable.

So, I guess you can blame some of it on the dramas lol, but only a little. That reminds me of this cute coloring book I picked up at Barnes & Noble the other day, but that is for another post. I will also be trying to get more organized with posting and on a more timely manner. I have been lacking as of lately and it’s not from not having enough to post about, it’s more about prioritizing my time better. Will see how that goes and if having a posting schedule works better for me. For now, going to switch that up a little and continue with everything else as is. No harm in that.

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