Book Subscription Boxes

I’ve been thinking of getting a book subscription box for some time now, but couldn’t make up my mind as to which ones to try out. Of course, I turned to Booktube for some help with that and found tons of vids of previous boxes fellow book lovers have gotten themselves. There are many out there right now for different tastes and several that have awesome items for a great price.

Currently I am subscribed to three boxes, which are Loot Crate & Loot Crate DX (not book related), as well as Fandom of the Month. I’ve been loving them so far and it didn’t hurt that I got the best deals possible on each of them. I’ve been lacking in the book area ones, but wanted to get ones I knew I would really love having on my shelves and items I know I would be using.

Image result for uppercase box transparent   Image result for owlcrate      Image result for comicboxer transparent    Image result for illumicrate transparent

For now, I have chosen to get a few boxes from OwlCrate, UppercaseComicBoxer, and Illumicrate. Each of them vary in price and have a few discounts available at different times. Most of these have a new release book along with 4 to 6 book related items. Many oft them come with a signed copy or signed bookplate. ComicBoxer has 5 (sometimes more) comics that are new releases of the month.

I will be posting about the subscriptions as they arrive, including photos and all information pertaining to the products within them. I will be receiving OwlCrate for the month of April, but all other subscriptions will be starting in May.  One of my main reasons for getting these, aside from the bonus’ mentioned above, are the mystery of them all. I love that you are only giving a theme with these subscriptions and once in awhile a little more info regarding their special items.

I’m very much looking forward to all the unboxings and whether or not they are something I would like to keep receiving. I might also switch up a few of these as the subscriptions come to an end and check out a few new ones. Hopefully, they are all better than expected and are worth the purchase. I will just have to wait and see how that goes. For now, excited about getting these subscriptions in the mail.

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