Vibrant India: Fresh Vegetarian Recipes from Bangalore to Brooklyn

Author: Chitra Agrawal
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Release Date: March 21, 2017
Pages: 224

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Goodreads SynopsisLifelong vegetarian and chef Chitra Agrawal takes you on an epicurean journey to her mother’s hometown of Bangalore and back to Brooklyn, where she adapts her family’s South Indian recipes for home cooks. This particular style of Indian home cooking, often called the -yoga diet, – is light and fresh, yet satisfying and rich in bold and complex flavors. Grains, legumes, fresh produce, coconut, and yogurt–along with herbs, citrus, chiles, and spices–form the cornerstone of this delectable cuisine, rooted in vegetarian customs and honed over centuries for optimum taste and nutrition. From the classic savory crepe dosa, filled with lemony turmeric potatoes and cilantro coconut chutney, to new creations like coconut polenta topped with spring vegetables ‘upma- and homemade yogurt, the recipes in Vibrant India are simple to prepare and a true celebration of color and flavor on a plate. Chitra weaves together the historical context behind the region’s cuisine and how she brought some of these age-old traditions to life thousands of miles away in Brooklyn during the city’s exciting food renaissance… more



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I absolutely adore this cook book. It is gorgeous, and of course with great recipes within. I first got taken in with the beautiful cover and it’s vibrant colors, then with all the family photos and Chitra’s story. I loved the drawings in this book, and the added pictures of India, along with the dedication photo of Chitra’s parents. There were also photos throughout of her childhood and of her time between Bangalore and Brooklyn. I loved all that detail added for the reader before delving into the recipes.                   “For as long as I can remember, my family has taken part in the “sport” of picking vegetable and fruits. I snapped the shot below of my grandmother, great aunt, mother, and father surrounding an unassuming guava vendor as they scrutinized his stock looking for the perfect fruit. This has been a familiar scene for me all my life, and one that has shaped the style of Indian home cooking I prepare-reliant on fresh produce and ingredients.”There was an intro right on the inside of the cover pertaining to South Indian home cooking and I thought it was a nice addition to introduce us to that world. And how it invited everyone to try out and enjoy these yummy meals.“Whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, a fan of Indian food, or just looking for ways to incorporate more healthy recipes into your repertoire, Vibrant India is a practical guide for bringing delicious Indian home cooking to your table.”
The best part, of course, are the meals and sides in Vibrant India! Many had photos to go with the recipe. From Lemon Peanut Rice to Roasted Kabocha Squash & Coconut Milk Soup, others such as a Festival Trail Mix and a Mango & Coconut Milkshake. It is definitely a cookbook that I will have with me for a very long time as I LOVE all that it has to offer.

 ***I received this copy from Crown Publishing/Penguin Random in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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