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I love my library! No matter how many ways there are to own a book, Kindle, Amazon, Book Depository, Book Outlet, local bookstores, and on and on… library books are always my first go to.

I find many new novels there that I can read through , allowing me to decide if its a book I would like to own or not. Whenever I purchase a book first and find that I don’t like it or it isn’t a book I would read multiple times, I have an I should have known better feel over it.

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I love that I can place a hold on any book, of any genre, as well as graphic novels, movies, video games, and tons more. The best part of it all, if my local library doesn’t have that title in stock, they are able to borrow it from another library that’s part of the program. Inter-library sharing has been the best, and I find that almost any read or otherwise can be found online and sent to my local library. Even better than that, I am only a walk away from my library.

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Movies and video games are another awesome perk available to me and other patrons as well. I can place a hold on any new release I would like to borrow and wait my turn to have it sent out to my local library, then I’m able to have it for one to three weeks depending on the movie or game and how many have also requested that title. Free of charge. Of course, if it’s late in being returned back, that is a whole diff story. Let’s just say I do my best to never have any of them returned late lol.

It never hurts asking members and librarians what programs and online resources you have available to you. I have even seen other libraries offering baking items, sewing kits, board games, audio books, music, and tons more to members free of charge with your library card. Libraries have grown throughout the years and items they are offering for loan are growing daily. And checking items out always helps bring in more funds to these facilities as well as authors and keeping jobs available if needed.

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