Most Anticipated Reads: April 2017

How do I decide which books I most want to read from April? Believe me, it was no easy feat.

There are so many good reads coming out this month that it was extremely hard to narrow down this list to only five, but with many already on my TBR list and it continuing to grow at a fast pace, I had to restrain myself a bit and only pick five, well at least for now lol.

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Red Sister is one of those that I almost hadn’t seen and extremely glad I did. I am very much looking forward to this read. Nona Grey has a shady and violent passed that she must deal with while being trained at the Convent of Sweet Mercy. One day possibly becoming a deadly assassin.

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Defy the Stars a science fiction read with human colonies arising to fight off Earth’s robotic “mech” armies. And apparently there is more to the robotic armies, well a few of them, than just a sophisticated, emotionless thing.

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Spindle Fire drew me in right away with the mention of fairies. Yes, I can’t get enough of fairy tales or those including them. Not only that, it sounds close to Sleeping Beauty’s story, but I hear it has its own world of tales and woes. I love a retelling, especially re-imaginings.

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Geekerella got me right from the start with cosplay lol. I am big fan of sci-fi/comic conventions and this has all of that plus more. Who wouldn’t want a free pass to their fav event AND a meet and greet with the actor who will be playing their fav character. With Cinderella feels included, it was the quickest add to my list.

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Given to the Sea is one of those I kept seeing, but hadn’t read its synopsis… glad that I finally did. This is a read where the ocean is highly feared and sacrifices must be made to keep it appeased. There is much more than just that, magic fills this novel. Hopefully, long lived rituals are brought to a standstill.

*Full synopsis’ can be found on Goodreads by clicking on titles.

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