Any Time, Any Place by Jennifer Probst

Any Time, Any Place

Author: Jennifer Probst
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Gallery Books
Release Date: January 24, 2017
Pages: 400

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Goodreads Synopsis: HGTV’s Property Brothers meets The Marriage Bargain in this second volume in the Billionaire Builders series, an all-new heart-wrenching and sexy contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

When she was a teen, Raven Bella Stratton’s father was killed in a horrible car crash. The bigger shock was the discovery of a woman with him—Diana Pierce—and their two fully packed suitcases with airline tickets to Paris. Devastated by her father’s betrayal, Raven went to live with her aunt, never truly overcoming the traumatic event. When she discovers that the mysterious woman had a family with a husband and three boys, Raven vows to leave the memory of her father behind.

Until Dalton Pierce visits one night and suddenly her past challenges her future…

Leaving his life in California behind to run Pierce Construction with his two older brothers, Dalton Pierce has enjoyed returning home and studying his passion of woodworking. But when he visits the local bar with his brothers one evening, he’s immediately drawn to the smart-mouthed, badass, sexy bartender who sets his body on fire. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem as intrigued by him, and his multiple advances are met with rejection. When he offers to restore the bar back to its original glory, he begins to work with her on a daily basis, and falls harder. His plan of seduction slowly weaves a web around them both, until they are caught up in the spell. But Dalton doesn’t know the secret that can either destroy them both…or finally mend two broken hearts.

Jen’s Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

REVIEW: Wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this novel, as I am not a big fan of the romance/contemporary genre. There were many moments that I was shaking my head at Dalton and his “slick” way of being and how Raven vowed to never give him the time of day for being one of the Pierce brothers and yet changed her mind. Even though many romance novels seem to end up unread on my end, I was surprised to find I was able to read through all of Any Time, Any Place.

Raven is strong minded and has become toughened by everything that has gone on around her, the main issue being the death of her father and the rumors that were spread around the town about him. She has had to overcome on her own all of their reproach and the name dragging done by the Pierce brothers, pertaining to their mother leaving their home to run off with Raven’s dad. In all those years that have passed, she has become fierce and self reliant, owning her own bar and never letting anyone tell her what to do. But one thing impedes her continuous move forward and that is Dalton Pierce who has become a regular at her bar and is bent on having a lot more to do with Raven than just a customer/bartender relationship. Of course, he is not aware of who she really is, but she knows exactly what family he comes from.

“From the moment he’d seen her, he’d ached to touch her, but she’d slammed him with her prickly manner and cold gaze. For some strange reason, she didn’t like him. It wasn’t about his hopeful advances, either.”

“No, somehow her attitude seemed personal, but Dalton couldn’t figure out the mystery. Yet”

Something happens that will unite these two and have them around each other a lot more than they are normally used to. This will cause even more strain on Raven as she is trying her hardest to not view Dalton in any other way except the victim of her revenge scheming. But of course, in these genres, things are never as they seem and both of them won’t be able to resist each other that much longer.

I found Dalton to be a mixture of feels for me. One minute I was very annoyed by his way of thinking and his mentality with women, even if his way of doing things left the women in question on the okay side of things, and another his brash way of being with Raven when things start coming undone and truths are revealed. He’s one of those characters I can’t seem to make up my mind with and took that as a good sign because most of the time men in romance novels can come off over-the-top cheesy and he had more going on with him. There was a reasoning behind his way of being and what caused him to be so callous in his endeavors with women, again done in the lightest of ways to keep him from coming off like a jerk, but even though parts of him grew emotionally in all of this there were other parts that made him such a pain. And one part that made me wanna knock some sense into him before he pulled a very heart breaking move.

I was left wishing for more of the first part of the storyline though, the mystery of it, more of everything behind her dad and what transpired those many years ago, how it all came about. I had to remember that this was more about the connection made between Raven and Dalton, and them finding solace with it all, the rest was second fiddle. And even with the romance being at the forefront, I still found that I liked this read a little more than most in its genre.

***I won this copy from Shelf Awareness via a giveaway. All opinions are my own.***

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