Surface Tension by Jay Gunn

Surface Tension

Writer: Jay Gunn
Genre: Comics, Graphic Novel
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Titan Comics
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Pages: 176

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Months after mysterious corals drew 99% of humanity into the sea, a band of survivors ekes out a hollow existence on a remote British island. When two people are cast up on the beach, completely blue, but very much alive, the island is thrown into turmoil.
What is the secret behind the mass extinction event… and will this pair of altered humans prove our salvation – or our undoing?!
Months after mysterious corals forced 99% of humanity to walk into the sea, a band of survivors eke out a hollow existence on a remote British island.
When two people are washed up on the beach, back from the dead and with their biology completely changed, the survivors are thrown into chaos.
Does the pair represent humanity’s last hope – or have they returned as its executioners?
What caused the mass extinction event? How did these two return from the deep, when billions died? And what dark forces have followed them back onto the land?
Lastly, and most importantly, what is the coral, what does it want with the Earth… and what does it have to do with a man who went missing, shortly before the Sea-Sickness hit?”

Jen’s Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

REVIEW: I wasn’t much of a fan of this graphic novel. It wasn’t something that worked for me. It was as if trying too hard to catch the readers attention, with an added touch nudity that felt very unnecessary for where the story was going. Or what it all represented.

I did like the mix of things in here, like the zombie like beings that were drawn to something older than man, into the depth of the ocean. With a post apocalyptic touch and even alien like entities. It was enough to keep me reading throughout most of the book.

This was one of those tales of man destroying the Earth and the consequences that comes with it. It had a lot to do with it and the beings that came from the ocean that eradicated, or tried to, the “problem” of the land. Billions are wiped out of existence, but there are those few colonies that will try to move forward in this new world even when those otherworldly entities try and finish off their plan of destruction and rebirth.

Every time I thought I wasn’t going to get through this novel, something else kept me there, like Ryan and his endearing love and hope to save his brother by helping him become part of the selkie’s, creatures who were once human children. And Mary, who seems to be the leading hand of the community, that grandmother, elder wise beyond her years.

It wasn’t bad, but I might not read through it again. Even so, the good I found in it was enough to keep my rating of three stars.



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