This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busquets

This Too Shall Pass

Author: Milena Busquets
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Hogarth
Release Date: May 24, 2016
Pages: 176

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Goodreads Synopsis: A “literary tsunami” that is taking the world by storm—already sold in over 30 countries—about one unforgettable woman’s search for a meaningful life

Blanca is forty years old and motherless. Shaken by the unexpected death of the most important person in her life, she suddenly realizes that she has no idea what her future will look like.

To ease her dizzying grief and confusion, Blanca turns to her dearest friends, her closest family, and a change of scenery. Leaving Barcelona behind, she returns to Cadaqués on the coast, accompanied by her two sons, two ex-husbands, and two best friends, and makes a plan to meet her married lover for a few stolen moments as well. Surrounded by those she loves most, she spends the summer in an impossibly beautiful place, finding ways to reconnect and understand what it means to truly, happily live on her own terms, just as her mother would have wanted.

A fresh, honest, and ruefully funny story about love, sex, marriage, grief, friendship and parenthood, This Too Shall Pass is an irresistible novel that is fast becoming an international phenomenon.

Jen’s Rating:🌟🌟 1/2

REVIEWThis Too Shall Pass is about Blanca trying to cope and live life after losing her mother. It’s a story I could relate to in the sense that life seems fleeting every day that we live it. It was heartwarming and painful to go through at times, but also filled with several better days.

Blanca chooses to live the rest of her life living in the moment. Every day as if it were her last. Whether others might not agree with her, she continues forward. Many times I felt for her and why she had the desire to live that way. It is never easy losing someone and realizing that half your life has passed on by as well. And the reader can feel her internal turmoil, one minute talking about her mother as if she were the best thing in the world and the next how much anxiety and emotional pain she caused her.

“It’s all your fault, Mom, you know that?Little by little, unawares, the weight of your dwindling happiness found its place on my shoulders. And it weighed so heavily, so heavily, even when I was far away, even when I began to understand and accepted what was happening, even when I separated myself from you for a while, because I realized if I didn’t, you wouldn’t be the only causality left in the wreckage. But I do think you loved me, not a lot, not a little, you just loved me, period.”

There were many encounters in this novel and several of them were for the better of her existence. She grew, she saw, felt, lived, and dealt with the ups and downs of all of it. In parts of This Too Shall Pass I laughed with her, was sad at times, and found joyous moments in it. But there were several moments I didn’t much care for or felt they were unnecessary. I am not sure if maybe some of the translation may have differed from the original text, but I found myself only liking parts of this read and annoyed by much of it.

But what kept me reading was the honesty of it, the emotions coming off from the pages. It wasn’t a story that was made just for light, fun reading, anything but that. Blanca struggles with her future, with that of being a good mother, of making choices that will make her feel alive, even when they don’t always make her feel better afterwards. It’s interesting to see how she handles something as traumatic as the loss of a mother, how she finds a way to not feel like her life has been in vain. Sadly, I find that it’s not a read I would probably go through again.

***I received this copy from Crown Publishing/Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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