This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busquets

This Too Shall Pass

Author: Milena Busquets
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Chick Lit
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Hogarth
Release Date: May 24, 2016
Pages: 176

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Goodreads Synopsis: A “literary tsunami” that is taking the world by storm—already sold in over 30 countries—about one unforgettable woman’s search for a meaningful life

Blanca is forty years old and motherless. Shaken by the unexpected death of the most important person in her life, she suddenly realizes that she has no idea what her future will look like.

To ease her dizzying grief and confusion, Blanca turns to her dearest friends, her closest family, and a change of scenery. Leaving Barcelona behind, she returns to Cadaqués on the coast, accompanied by her two sons, two ex-husbands, and two best friends, and makes a plan to meet her married lover for a few stolen moments as well. Surrounded by those she loves most, she spends the summer in an impossibly beautiful place, finding ways to reconnect and understand what it means to truly, happily live on her own terms, just as her mother would have wanted.

A fresh, honest, and ruefully funny story about love, sex, marriage, grief, friendship and parenthood, This Too Shall Pass is an irresistible novel that is fast becoming an international phenomenon.

Jen’s Rating:🌟🌟

REVIEWThis Too Shall Pass is about Blanca trying to cope and live life after losing her mother. It had its heartwarming moments, but I couldn’t come around to really enjoying all of what I read. Yes, it was definitely a short book, with some depth, but it just wasn’t for me. I felt like it was just dragging along for me, trying to finish the novel because I couldn’t really connect with Blanca’s character at all.

I applaud her character for choosing to finally live the rest of her life how she wants to, living it as if it were her last, but that is about all I could see as positive pertaining to this book. I tried to see how her character would move along the path she chose to go on after her mother’s passing, but everything else just kind of didn’t work for me. The read of it was so difficult for me to even get through, I had to force myself to finish this novel.

I kept trying to find something to keep my interest on this book but I kept seeing so many moments unnecessary or so unrealistic for someone like her character who had supposedly grown wiser, instances that just seemed over the top. I am not sure if maybe some of the translation may have differed from the original text, but I found myself only liking parts of this read and annoyed by much of it.

Sadly, I find that it’s not a read I could ever try to read again even if it so short. I thought maybe I could give it a second go that might change my mind a little as sometimes that’s all I need, especially when I’ve been reading several books, maybe I missed something, but no this isn’t one of those novels. I just didn’t enjoy it at all.

***I received this copy from Crown Publishing/Penguin Random House in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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