Book Buying: The Great Deals I Have Found


This past month I have searched around and found a few more places to purchase my books from. And WOW! I have gotten many great buys in places I did not expect and some I had heard of, but never ventured into them.

Goodwill is one of those stores that I always knew carried books, but had never really checked them out. I have found so many books there that look almost new, hardback, paperbacks, for AWESOME prices. The stores around my area have color tags deals, every week items with that specific color are marked 50% OFF. With that discount a book will be between .99-2.99 and if you check out there clearance section you can get them for even cheaper.

Another place I have found a good selection of books is in Antique like shops that sell a mixture of items!

I know, I never thought about that. Went to one store and saw shelves filled with books. There were a variety of books as well as hardbacks for prices I didn’t expect. This particular store also had deals by color tags, so I got a few books for under $1 and $2. I was told they don’t receive books often, but when they do they are almost in brand new condition. So, it’s always good to check even the most unlikeliest of places.

Another shocker… well at least to me lol. Dollar General. Yes, books. And not just any books, brand new hardback books! At first I thought I wouldn’t find any of interest to me, but of course I was proven wrong. I found, in my first glance at them, a copy of Endgame The Calling for $2 and The Silkworm for $3. There’s not a big selection to choose from, and most of them are Adult General Fiction, but even then the ones they have are pretty good picks.


One of the main places I get books from is my local library.

I love that library! It is not big, but it’s homey. I have made some acquaintances and many I consider friends. I’m almost always stopping by lol. And I LOVE the system they have. I can go online and place a hold on any book I would like and receive it, at my library, from one of the many libraries that is part of this program (Your library may have this option also, so don’t hesitate to ask about it).

Not only does it help your library stay open and receive more funds, but it benefits the author as well. They get a percentage from their books every time one of them is checked out. I love also being able to read them before purchasing because who wants to pay for a book they are going to end up not liking.


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  These 3 sites below are my main online book places to shop from.

Book Outlet has tons of books for really great prices and the shipping is not that bad (3.99 first 2 books, .50 each one after that). The Shipping price are mostly for U.S. area, for international it’s a little more costly. There are many books on there that are often still posted for purchase, but many more of them are only on there until quantities run out. I check daily for new books added. And the deals you get from there are amazing! They are .99 and up. There are also more deals in their scratch and dent section (if you don’t mind minor wear and tear).

Book Depository is a UK based company, but even like that their shipping is FREE worldwide. They have many books discounted and a wide selection of the UK covers we all love and want on our shelves. An added plus is that they are also all NEW books. Many of the ones I order or will be ordering from here are either paperback or the ones with the different covers.

Amazon has great deals on most new books and it makes it even better when they arrive to your doorsteps two days after placing order. Even if you don’t have 2 day shipping available to you, you can place an order of $25 or more and receive FREE shipping. It won’t be the two day shipping if you don’t have a PRIME membership, but if you are fine with receiving items later on in the week(s) it is a great way to receive books at a low price.


If you have know of any other great places to buy books at, whether they are online or in a shop, I would love to hear about them. The more the merrier.

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