Ida by Alison Evans


Author: Alison Evans
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Publisher: Echo Publishing
Release Date: January 30, 2017
Pages: 161

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Goodreads Synopsis: How do people decide on a path, and find the drive to pursue what they want?

Ida struggles more than other young people to work this out. She can shift between parallel universes, allowing her to follow alternative paths.

One day Ida sees a shadowy, see-through doppelganger of herself on the train. She starts to wonder if she’s actually in control of her ability, and whether there are effects far beyond what she’s considered.

How can she know, anyway, whether one universe is ultimately better than another? And what if the continual shifting causes her to lose what is most important to her, just as she’s discovering what that is, and she can never find her way back?

‘Ida’ is an intelligent, diverse and entertaining novel that explores love, loss and longing, and speaks to the condition of an array of overwhelming, and often illusory, choices.

Jen’s Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

REVIEW: I am an avid fan of sci-fi books, time travel and the sorts, but I wasn’t able to get into this read as much as I had hoped I would. There were many great parts in Ida and various characters that kept me intrigued. Just found it wasn’t enough to keep me coming back for a few more reads. There were many times in the earlier chapters I found to be moving along at a very slow pace. And yet when it picked up, many of it did really well. Her ability to “time travel” was interesting and the doppelgangers added a nice touch and tie in to the whole novel.

And even though parts of this was a hard take for me, many chapters kept me reading. I wanted Ida to succeed in finding her mom, to have that time with her, but also knowing that it would not bring her exactly a peaceful end to things. How she fought hard for those she loved and tried her hardest to come back to them even when it seemed their was no more chance of it being so. Ida is a very strong character in this, coping with everything thrown at her. When she finds out she might be at the center of something much bigger, she deals with it with grace and understanding.

“It’s time, I tell myself, breathing in. The life I built that has no mother but has my father, Frank, Daisy, and Pilgrim. Even Georg. My job that I don’t like, my boss I hate. Everything. I nod once and don’t let the tears get out this time. My eyes are dust from tired and there are more doppelgangers in the night who try to take my body. I fight them all. The others try to force me out but I won’t let them. I can barely feel my limbs. This is no time for crying. I close my eyes and focus on the tea stains.”

As Ida comes to the truth about everything in her life and her ability, the readers are introduced to Adrastos and Damaris. They are meant to keep order when it comes to people like Ida. There was not a lot of information given about these two characters, which I had hoped as the book moved along that we would find out much more. They became likable right from the beginning, especially Damaris. It would have been nice to have a little bit more of a back story for her. They made things more interesting and it brought another element to the story that kept me reading.

Ida gets more appealing as the doppelgangers enter the scene. Creating an atmosphere that catches the readers attention even more. There are a few explanations as to how they have been brought into Ida’s realm. And a bit of a confusing explanation on what happens to them once Ida chooses her path. There is not much detail in Ida’s life either to let us know how she even came to possess her ability to create these ripples. It would have been nice to have gotten some sort of summary for that.

As we near the last pages and start getting more into this novel, an abrupt end makes it harder to love. I’m left wanting more, more answers, more of Adrastos and Damaris, clearer answers as to where the doppelgangers have ended up, what becomes of Ida, how she had these abilities, maybe her mom was at the center of it all (could have lost her life that way, somehow she was entangled in all of this?). So while I did enjoy many parts of this read, and loved some of the characters in here, there were too many bits that left me on the fence with this one.

***I received this copy from Echo Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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