BOOK HAUL: Unexpected finds

I think I might have a book problem! LOL… no, just a love of books, no problem there.


It’s hard to pass up an offer to expand my book collection, especially when it pertains to books that are in great condition and at an affordable price. It’s even better when I have options all in a few minutes distance from the other shop I was just at. I have found many different types of books at Goodwill. They are continuously receiving different genres, both hardcover and paperback and most of the time they look close to new. I just recently found an antiques type of store that also has book sections for incredible prices. I never thought about looking in those stores for books and glad I checked it out.


Near me, there isn’t that many bookstores to choose from so it is awesome when I find these places. And great book sites like Book Outlet (haul up soon on another post) and Book Depository make it that much easier for me to find any book I may want or check out other ones I come to hear of through booktube, blogs, goodreads, and many other sites.

And yes, I have promised myself to try out different genres, more diverse storylines are always a good way to go. I’m used to staying within the realms of YA, Sci-fi, the supernatural and the likes, so many of this will be new to me, and so far I have been pleasantly surprised by them. I’m looking forward to picking up more books for my shelves and to enrich my mind even more with fantastic reads and unexpected ones. I know I will find I that I love them more than I ever thought I would.




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