Hill of the Angels by Sue Mayfield

Hill of the Angels

Author: Sue Mayfield
Genre: Young Adult, Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
Release Date: June 16, 2016
Pages: 180

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Goodreads Synopsis: Hill of the Angels is set during the English Civil War. Twelve-year-old Abigail Booth is the daughter of sheep farmers and textile workers; Grace Fowler is the daughter of the parish priest. They become friends and climb together to the Hill of the Angels, a rocky outcrop where, according to local legend, light creates a pattern of angels on the cave wall. Abigail and Grace meet there and bring beautiful gifts for the angels. However everything changes as the English Civil War breaks out and the families of Abigail and Grace find themselves on opposing sides. Separated from each other by warring ideologies and religious sectarianism, will their friendship survive and will they ever meet again at the Hill of Angels?

Jen’s Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

REVIEW: Hill of the Angels is a heartbreaking read.

Abigail and Grace become friends enjoying happier times in the cave. They don’t see hate or religious differences. They see each other and life all around them, the good that fills those caves.They are loving, hoping and joyful, happy to be in each others lives, sharing the “angels” they see in that cave on the hill.

“That was when they came. The dancing angels. Leaping brightly on the wall of the cave. The company of heave. Tapered wings and white robes. And hair streaming like big cotton.”

But their friendship is put to the test when the hatred begins to overflow. The indifference that comes from those full of rage, ready to beat down another because of their differing beliefs. A mere excuse to act live savages, without emotion or remorse. The innocent left to suffer, while the injust laugh at the destruction and chaos they have created.

“One has an axe that he waves above his head. He is chopping a length of polished wood as though it were a stick of firewood. ‘Stop, man!’ he yells. ‘STOP! In the name of God, STOP!’ The man with the axe looks round and laughs and I see that it is the same man who threw a book at Father’s head- Isaac Clegg, the fuller.”

“Another man walks towards the flames and throws an armloa of books into them, I see charred flakes dance in the air like birds. ‘They must be stopped,’ my father says.”

Abigail and Grace must keep their friendship a secret from then on while the malicious agenda from several of the neighboring community continues. In all of this the girls keep their strength in knowing their is still good and they still have one another. Their families. Their lives.

Hill of the Angels is well written and profound. Not something that I would normally read, but glad I took the time do so.

***I received this copy from SPCK Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.***

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