All About The Doctor

Doctor Who series is not enough, but do you think it is with Doctor Who books involved?…. Um no lol. But for now, I’ll be happy with that and thank you local library for being a friend because it’ll take a bit of time to try and collect all of these books for my personal collection. So, for a few weeks they belong with me.

These books carry tons of detailed descriptions on all past and present doctors, with names and every character you could possibly imagine from the series. Many with detailed doctor notes and letters, as if they were really here with us right now. A few of these are  bigger sized not easily taken out with you wherever you go, but a few are smaller, one in a journal format. There are nicely place photos of every episode in most of these and newer ones in more creative formats.

Some of these include activity sections with a little bit of comic pages in them. Others provide photos of the cast and crew while filming, even from the very beginning when Doctor Who was first out. There is a variety of information in all of these books to make any whovian out there happy and without a doubt worth adding to any collection you may already have.

   A few of the books out there:

Doctor Who: The Time Lord Letters
Doctor Who: Character Encyclopedia (with 11th doctor included)
Doctor Who: A History of Humankind
Doctor Who: The Vault
Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary (Updated and Expanded)
Doctor Who: The Official Annual 2008


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