Book Nerd


I love reading! It is something that is a part of my daily life. Books upon books fill my shelves ( which I have started to purchase even more often) whether they are from my local library, book stores, online book sites, or gifted, they are with me always. I love delving into the worlds that writers have created for us and sharing them with fellow book lovers and my little ones. It is a beautiful and amazingly magical thing to immerse oneself within the pages of these beloved books.

I am always on the lookout for new adventures, for that book that will just make me pause and say whoa! or such a good page turner that I can’t place the book down until I’m done reading that last page. I am also that person that loves watching a movie adaptation of a book before or after reading it because I enjoy being able to compare them, to see the writer’s work come to life, and yes to have that fangirl moment of OMG!

Recently I have started reading more genres than I had been and enjoying a range of books from Alice In Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz to The 5th Wave series and comics such as Miss Marvel and Squirrel Girl. The best part? I love seeing the differences in them, the styles that change, the author’s uniqueness to their context… it is mesmorizing.

I hope that by sharing my love and opinions on my reads, that you will find it easier to choose your next adventure(s) ( because we all know it will be more than just one).

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